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I have no income at all please help us

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Nov 7, 2012, 10:45 AM
keisha79's Avatar  
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Default I have no income at all please help us

Hello. I am a single mom of an 11 year old little girl. I am sending a request to get help for us. I have been out of work since April 2010. I lost my job because we had a house fire which left us living at a hotel, and after a while my work suffered because of our living situation. I have not been able to locate any type of employment, and my unemployment benefits ran out in February of this year, so it has been tough. I have no income at all. I applied for food stamps and got denied. I depend on the help of other, which most times I just don't eat. I have been putting in applications, but no one is calling me back. This is heartbreaking, and I miss working. I do go to college online which is honestly keeping me focused on a better future for us. We have not had Christmas since I lost my job. I'm just asking for any help that anyone could possibly give. I have no specific request at all. Just someone thinking about us would mean a lot to me. And to actually have a great Christmas with my daughter would mean the world to us both. Thank you for reading.

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