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I wish for a Christmas Miracle For my babies

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Oct 17, 2009, 08:51 PM
Mishawaka, Indiana
Default I wish for a Christmas Miracle For my babies

I wish for a Christmas Miracle For my babies. THIS YEAR HAS BEEN SO HARD, There will be no tree or Christmas presents around the tree, stockings hung by the fireplace, candy canes, or homemade cookies or fudge. I wish for a few gifts or gift cards and a gas card. Please keep reading. I am a single mom with a very sad income. In January of 2008, I lost my job due to the company going out of buisness. I had worked there for many years as a manger making very good money. Our family use to help others at the holidays. But now we are the ones struggling. After loosing my job, I was able to collect unemployment payments for about six months. When those payments ended the struggle began. I exausted my savings just trying to keep the bills paid but still fell behind. I finally found a new job in April 2009. But I am only getting about 10 hours per week. Its not much but it is by far better than nothing. Unfortunatley, it is not enough to pay the bills and I have to seek assistance with things every month. I also qualify for food stamps. Last year at Christmas we didnt have gifts, just a nice dinner. This year I would really love to be able to have a few gifts for the kids. I am not asking for anything expensive. Kids range in age from 4 months to 16 years. Then there is myself and my 20 year old daughter. Also we make freqent trips with my 16 year old daughter down to Riley Childrens hospital for treatments of her illness (not cancer) A gas card would help with getting her there. Anything that anyone could help with would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance and God Bless!

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