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Dec 16, 2012, 05:13 PM
Slidell , Louisiana
Default Need a Christmas Miracle

I have registered for Tree of Wishes because, My family has hit rock bottom and dont know what to do. We have no idea what will happen to us in the next coming months. My parents have always put our family first. They are the most loving parents I could ask for. My parents have made some wrong financial decisions, to make sure my siblings and I could always have what we needed. Their finances are getting so bad that my dad has been taken out loans left and right to stay a float. It has gotten to the point where his check dosent even put food in the house, because all his money goes toward paying the interest on the loans.They are 7 months behind on paying our house note. The sherrif came to the house in the begining of December to serve us. My whole family is devastated for the Christmas Holidays. We are suppose to be out the house before Febuary 21st. I am only 21 years old and try to help my parents every way I can. I play the lottery when I can, to try to win the money my parents need. My mom and dad keep trying to pay off their loans which leaves them no money to save to have a place to go after we are foreclosed on. It is just a horrible situation right before christmas. The only gift I would love to give my parents for Christmas this year is to let them know everything will be okay and would either have some money to put towards an apartment or be able to pay the 8,000 they need for the house. I just wish a miracle could happen to help my family through this rough time. We will be very grateful for any donation, every little bit can help.

Thank you,

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