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My family needs financial help

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Apr 4, 2009, 04:08 PM
Heart My family needs financial help

I'm not sure what to do, and I'm hoping I can find some generous people here who can help. Even if it's just prayers, that would be fantastic. I just found this site today. I apologize in advance because this won't be a very well-written post, as I'm upset and starting to panic, so please bear with me...

To get right to the point, I desperately need $510 for rent and past due bills... It kills me to ask for help, but if anyone is willing to spare even just a small amount, I would be so grateful. I do have accounts with PayPal and RME, so if you're willing to help, I can give my PayPal/RME info

And now the story behind why I need this, for those who are curious.

I'm a single mom of two. I was laid off at the end of February, but did not receive severance pay because I had been employed by the company for just short of 90 days (87 days, to be exact). My rent is due today, and I don't have all of it. I'm also past due on my electric, gas, and phone bills. I've contacted a few local agencies for emergency rent assistance, but they don't help people until there is an actual eviction notice. They won't even be able to tell me whether or not I'll qualify for services because I don't have an eviction notice yet... I'd rather not wait until that point before trying to find help, because if I don't qualify, and we are evicted, my children and I won't have anywhere to go. I know there are shelters who will take in women and children, but it's so important to me that my children have a real home. We've come so far in the past year. I left a bad marriage, started my life over from nothing, and I have not yet seen a dime of child support. When I moved into this apartment in December, after being homeless for four months, my children and I had nothing except clothes. The first couple of weeks we were here, we slept on the floor because we had no beds, we sat on the floor because we had no furniture, we ate on the floor because we had no table. I was able to furnish my apartment in January and February (we still don't have a table, but at least the kids have beds, and we have a couch to sit on for comfort). Now that we have a place to live, and we have furniture, I'm so scared we're going to lose it all and be homeless again. I've already sold my new TV and new computer to pay last months rent, but need help for this month, too. Please, if there are heroes out there, please, please help us. My oldest child is 4 years old, and my youngest child is 2 years old. My youngest won't be able to understand why we'll have to move again, and at their ages, it's so critical that they have stability.

If you can help, I will greatly appreciate it. If you can't, I understand, but thank you so much for caring enough to read my post anyway.

*I want to add that I have applied for unemployment. My application is still under review, and I don't anticipate a check until May... We'll be evicted before that time... And I am actively searching for a job, so I'm not just sitting around being lazy. I'm willing to answer any questions anyone has! I'll be using the computers at the library to keep track of responses to this post (just in case anyone is wondering)

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