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Need help with getting gas turned back on

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Sep 15, 2011, 04:03 PM
ford2009's Avatar  
Cool Need help with getting gas turned back on

Its getting cooler in the evenings and in the mornings and pretty soon we will have to have some heat in our home for a family of four and we owe 600 and some dollars plus depoist to get our gas turned back on and my family and i r just on disability and we wont beable to come up with that amount all at once,but we will have three small radiator type electric heaters to stay warm with and that will be hard to do with our ten foot ceilings, unless we put two of them in one room and use it as all our bedrooms and our living room too like we did before we got our gas furanance installed in jan.2010. My family and i have a gas furance that we wont be using this yr cause we have no gas for it to run,so we are looking for someone to trade gas furance for a electric one and install it for us and see if they can get heat to go upstairs so the upstairs is warm for our kids too. we also need a new fuse box because we have a very old type,the kind where we cant buy no fuses for it no more.We only have three small radiator type electric heaters and thats it. So if we can get a couple of gift cards to get some more electric heaters and fireplaces to help out till something else comes along that would be great also.We have ten foot ceilings in our home.Thanks for any and all help that can be provided for my family and I and God Bless.
Sep 15, 2011, 04:35 PM
North Myrtle beach South carolina
Default Re: Need help with getting gas turned back on

Hoping that your wish is granted and that your needs are met.
Sep 16, 2011, 01:44 AM
barbjon's Avatar  
Default Re: Need help with getting gas turned back on

will say a prayer in hopes that there is an angel out there that can help you. take care and good luck.

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