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Vehicle registration is due and I need help

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May 29, 2011, 01:17 PM
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south jersey
Default Vehicle registration is due and I need help

the registration on my minvan is due and it is $71.50. we have no way to pay it. we just got the notice of possible forclosure on our home because we havent been able to come up with the property taxes this year. things have been really bad this year and we no longer have money coming in because of somethings beyond our control. My husbands pay is now $80 a week! as opposed to $600 or so last year. there just is no way to pay for our house and all the other bills and food etc plus gas cost a million dollars a gallon lol. we can not get state help because our situation is a little different. the paycheck shows a gross income of $906 a week even though it also shows his take home pay being either $80 or $8.06 a week. they only go by gross pay. I m really just trying to find help for the smallest bill right now. if i cant keep registration, gas and insurance on the car then i can not take my oldest to all her doc appts. thank you all so much for reading

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