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Please help with electric bill asap

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Jun 30, 2009, 06:17 PM
Exclamation Please help with electric bill asap

We need some help with our electric bill. The bill is $250 and some change. They came to shut it off today and I wrote a check which there is no money in the account just to sparer a few days to save us from getting it shut off, I have Lupus and a 2 year old son and can not be in the heat. I asked for payment arrangments and they said its to late also told them about my medical condition and they said unless im on life support there is nothing they can do, I called socail services bc we got help from them in the past and they said its to late for them to help us and if our electric does get shut off they will call child services to come get our son, We get a check from a annuity soon but by the time that gets here it will be to late. I can repay someone back, Im not asking for someone to send me the money directly Im asking for someone to call Delaware Electric Company and pay it to them. Please I am BEGGING for help, Please someone help us!
Jul 4, 2009, 02:32 AM
Default Re: Please help with electric bill asap

me too, im in same boat. here in ct, they have EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE/ tell power company you need it on for medical reasons. which I dont have. YOU WLL NEED DOCTORS letter. goodluck, Im in same boat. Im getting cut soon too. pray for me, and ill pray for you.

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