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I wish i had some help with money for food and clothing for my children

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Dec 3, 2009, 06:51 PM
Unhappy I wish i had some help with money for food and clothing for my children

i wish i could have extra money to cook my kids a christmas dinner this year, i was lucky to buy them 2 gifts for christmas i went to dollar store with a few extra dollars i had after paying rent and got them.. its so hard with not being able to afford things they like or would love to have to play with or even snacks we get by day by day.. just wish i had some help to get my children something nice even a christmas dinner i can cook but i cant afford to buy the food to cook for christmas..ive went to the local churchs the other day for some extra help with food for my children and the can foods where dated 2007 when i got home even the hot dogs they gave my children along with a chicken that as dated for january 2009. i know the churchs find it hard also but these are place people turn to with little or no income and they provide out od date foods its so upsetting what this world has turned to.. please if there is anyone they may have anything extra they would like to pass down to a family in need we would be more then greatful for it even if you know any places i may be able to go to or any places i can get food cards from to like stop n shop or something pleaseee help i dont care about me i only care about my children eating and having a snack before bed and warm clothing that would actually fit them this winter ..thank you and god bless you

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